6 February 2019
6 February 2019,

Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. Obtains $1.2 Million Arbitration Award on Behalf of General Counsel

Following a 2018 hearing handled by Alejandro Caffarelli and Lorrie Peeters, an Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association in Chicago awarded a Firm client over $1.2 Million in backpay, interest, and attorneys’ fees in a claim filed pursuant to the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act and common law breach of contract. The client had served as General Counsel to the Respondent, an Illinois-based commercial finance company. During his employment, the Respondent drastically reduced the client’s compensation in violation of his contract of employment, leading to his resignation. After direct negotiations failed, the client hired Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. to arbitrate his claims for back pay and breach of contract. The Firm is proud to represent a broad range of clients in employment matters, including other attorneys. For further information, please contract the Firm at (312) 763-6880 or at www.caffarelli.com.

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