Alexis Martin & Alejandro Caffarelli Prevail at Trial

In 2019, Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. client Michael Jensen and his company, Jensen Medical Services, filed a lawsuit against Defendant Glaysher Medical Technologies, claiming that Glaysher Medical put them out of business by making defamatory statements about them. Jensen and Jensen Medical Services also claimed that Glaysher Medical Technologies wrongfully interfered with their business prospects. After various delays, primarily due to COVID-related court backlogs, a jury trial was finally held in McHenry County Circuit Court in late October, 2022. At trial, partners Alexis Martin and Alejandro Caffarelli presented the case, which resulted in a jury returning verdicts that Glaysher Medical had defamed and tortiously interfered with the economic prospects of both Jensen and his company. The Court subsequently entered judgment on the jury verdicts, awarding damages in excess of $365,000. Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. is proud to represent individuals and businesses in a broad range of employment matters, including employment-related business disputes. For additional information, please visit

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