Our Practice

Our Practice

Employment is a pillar of life’s journey – providing financial stability, as well as social networks and intellectual development. As a result, workplace disputes can be particularly traumatic, both for employees and their families. Since 2001, Alejandro Caffarelli and his team of attorneys at Caffarelli & Associates have taken pride in providing practical advice, as well as legal representation, to guide clients through difficult times.
Caffarelli & Associates is dedicated to serving our clients, whether advising individuals regarding their legal rights, negotiating employment contracts and severance packages, or filing legal claims in court. Having represented both employees as well as management we are able to see both sides of the story, and narrow our approach in the manner that best suits our clients’ objectives.
In litigation, Mr. Caffarelli has pursued justice on behalf of employees working for employers large and small, and has obtained successful outcomes for clients up against some of the largest law firms in the country. Our litigation practice focuses on consumer claims, claims for unpaid wages and overtime, violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act, whistleblower litigation, harassment and discrimination cases, and unlawful retaliation. The Firm also has experience with contract and state tort claims relating to employment. Regardless of your specific circumstances, we will work to achieve the resolution most beneficial to you.
Although just some of our practice areas are highlighted here, Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. handles matters in all areas of employment law and consumer protection. Find more information about our practice areas here:

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