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When an individual contacts the Firm for the first time, our administrative staff will gather a brief, confidential, description of the individual’s situation. This description will enable us to immediately assess basic information about the claim and determine: (1) whether the Firm handles the type of matter at issue (and if not whether a referral to another firm would be appropriate); (2) whether there are any potential conflicts; (3) whether a free consultation would be appropriate, and (4) if not, whether and how the Firm can otherwise help the client (for example, reviewing severance agreements, contract negotiation, etc.).
If the potential client qualifies for a free consultation, we will schedule that individual for a more detailed interview with one of the Firm’s attorneys. During the interview, the attorney collects additional information about the individual’s matter and determines whether the individual has a potential legal claim that both the Firm and the individual would be interested in pursuing. The consultation also enables the attorney to provide the individual with a brief legal analysis of the matter and a recommendation for future action.
Although all communications with the Firm will be held in confidence and protected by the attorney-client privilege unless otherwise prohibited by law, an attorney-client relationship is not created by virtue of any communication with us, whether by using our online contact box, e-mail, telephone, or in person. An individual becomes a client and the attorney-client relationship is formed only upon the Firm’s receipt of a signed representation agreement.
Finally, please understand that the Firm’s attorneys avoid interruptions while working on client matters. As a result, they typically take phone calls and visits by appointment only. If you become a client, the attorneys normally return phone messages and emails in order of urgency. Trial and litigation matters normally take precedence over negotiations. Please be assured that the attorneys or their assistants will return your message at his/her earliest opportunity.

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