The Firm is available to co-counsel or serve as trial counsel or counsel on appeal in all areas of employment law and consumer protection, as well as serve as local to out-of-state counsel. Mr. Caffarelli has significant experience at trial and on appeal, and is intimately familiar with local rules and procedures in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States, as well as Illinois state courts and administrative agencies.
For co-counseling or to retain the Firm as local counsel, please contact Alejandro Caffarelli. Subject to all applicable ethical rules and regulations, our Firm pays a referral fee to referring attorneys at no cost to the client, of up to 20% of an amount consisting of any fee lodestar recovered by the Firm for the client for the legal issue that was referred, minus any adjustments for non-recovered fees and advanced expenses. For example, if the Firm advances $2,000 in expenses and bills a total of $35,000 in fees, but only recovers $30,000 – the referral fee would be $4,480 ($30,000-$2,000=$28,000 (for fees); $28,000/$35,000=80% (recovery percentage); $28,000*20%*80%=$4,480), assuming all other conditions have been met. In order for a referring attorney to be eligible for a referral fee, the Firm must be notified in writing, prior to the referral, that a referral fee is being sought. The referring attorney must also receive written acknowledgment from the Firm that a referral fee will be paid in a specific case. The Firm will not pay a referral fee if the client also found the Firm through other sources and/or was also referred to the Firm by another person. If the Firm joins the referred client together with other individuals in a multiple-party or class action lawsuit, the referral fee will be based upon the pro-rated amount of fees attributable to the referred client’s recovery only. The Firm does not pay referral fees for matters billed on an hourly or project-fee basis, or on court-awarded fees.

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If you have questions about working with the Firm as co-counsel or local counsel, or about our referral fee policy, please contact Alejandro Caffarelli.

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