18 May 2015

Charles Ray Exhibition Opens at Art Institute

18 May 2015,

The next time you visit our offices, make sure to check our the Charles Ray sculpture exhibition across the street at the Art Institute […]

29 April 2015

US Supreme Court Holds that EEOC Conciliation is Subject to Judicial Review

29 April 2015,

This morning, the US Supreme Court issued a decision in Mach Mining v. EEOC (# 13-1019).  The case hinged upon whether Title VII of […]

27 April 2015

Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. Right to Privacy Case Featured in the Chicago Sun Times

27 April 2015,

This past month, Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of Matt Eberhardt, a former sales manager for […]

26 March 2015

US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of UPS Worker in Pregnancy Discrimination Claim

26 March 2015,

In 1976, the Supreme Court ruled that a company’s failure to include pregnancy discrimination in a disability plan did not constitute sex discrimination.  Congress […]

24 February 2015

Alejandro Caffarelli to Speak at Alliance for Justice Event Featuring Gov. Pat Quinn

24 February 2015,

On Friday, February 27, Alejandro Caffarelli will be part of a panel presentation accompanying the Alliance for Justice’s screening of the new short documentary […]

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